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How to Design a Narrow Living Room

The House has a narrow room would indeed be confused in design so that it looks beautiful and minimalist. For now this will learn together is how the proper way in designing a living room the House more memorable are spacious, simple and comfortable when you are there. Some important aspects in the designed it there are things that need to be on notice, if you have a narrow room in the guest room don't worry because now there are already some excellent tips to apply in your home. Indeed if it has a big house and lot of space of course those problems will not be burdened so some of the people who live in the housing or housing of course have a limited space and to be so designed it seems hard pressed to increase farm land.

For that tipsdesainku will give you the best way in terms of improving the atmosphere of the narrow House but seem more comfortable and beautiful either for yourself or guests who will pay a visit to the House. Some houses are not too worried about the room and even welcome guests that come either neighbors or relatives directly into the living room of the House so the living room for less work. In fact it was indeed a living room that is not used will cause things are very wasteful and less rewarding. So we suggest that in designing a living room with a narrow space there are a few things to note, please follow the trick below.

How to Design a Narrow Living Room

1. Design the Paint and Wall Walpaper.
The color of the paint the walls of the House are valuable as other halls, it is also very influential great color, therefore, plays a very important. The bright colors will give you a great atmosphere once, make the spaces of your home wearing bright colors and light do not wear dark colors until she makes a room is not beautiful and it's no wonder the mood in the room would be much more narrow when you are there. Then paint the wall besides the walpaper will also need to note use walpaper bright creature.

2. Use Multifunctional Furniture.
Using multifunctional furniture also plays well, like using European-style furniture and modern in 2016 with the incorporation of models of chairs and tables is very good at applying it in homes that have a narrow space. Multifunctional furniture prices and generally cost in the family will be more once rather than ordinary furniture. The furniture will also save you a room that is in your living room, choose furnishings that you think are important and do not waste space and create an atmosphere of increasingly narrow.

3. Select the Small Living Room Accessories
Little here not too small and not too large because if the large design room accessories certainly won't save space that there is quite the contrary would make the cramped and uncomfortable to live in. Therefore use a minimalist accessories it will tend to maximize the space rather than having furniture and accessories space is too big and the room is not comfortable when you are in the living room.

4. Use the Furniture needed
Don't waste your money and waste without long thinking, better use a good furniture and a very necessary. In addition to wasting the costs there is room place the guest will also add to the solid. So use a minimalist furniture that you may work in the space, if it functions less do not use because the room that there's going to be very spacious and comfortable, not like your shadow all this time.